Thursday, January 28, 2010

All hell breaks loose

Well, seems like I haven't updated this blog in over 2 months. This is a much needed update in case if anyone still cares.

If you haven't heard, read these 2 threads on 2p2 and stox. You probably won't be able to watch the stox thread since it's in the private section but it's similar to the 2p2 thread.
The main character of this story is the guy I've been working with in the last 3 months. He had a whole 'crew' of players under him and I'm the luckiest of them all because I'm broke and have no money to be taken for. I paid the guy total of 600 bucks for coaching and that's it. Well, 3 months of not progressing hurts too, but not as bad as these guys. Well, it sucks to be naive and stupid. I fell for the dream and it hurt me. Nowhere near unrecoverable tho so it's all good. I actually learn some basic stuff and some not so good stuff and as a result, I'm a little lost with my game. I'll be fine after a little bit of tweaking. No big deal.
One good thing tho, I got a lot of good friends out of this and these are pretty cool guys. Some are good nl200 grinders so I should be able to learn a few things from them. We will move on from this bad experience and become better player and more importantly, better person because of this.


tim said...

uh,that sucks.... least you didnt lose a lot of money to that a-hole

Tay said...

Yeah. And Stox is giving money back to students who has paid him. Not sure if I qualify tho, we'll see.

Whit said...

damn that sucks, glad you can learn something even out of a bad teacher though. if you update your blog i'll start mine again, we are so lazy!

Filippo Guevara said...

Money is one of the least salient aspects of life - how come everybody is making money:o

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