Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dec 29

Had a pretty good session today. I think this is the most hands I played in one day ever. Ran kinda hot. I think this is the most I made in one day ever. Well, as good as that sounds, I'm not too happy with a lot of key hands I played today. This could have been easily a $500 day. Well, I'll take it of course.

Cleared the $650 bonus during the process. For some reason I received $320 from 'Admin credit'? I have no fucking idea what it was and I'm still waiting for a response from Stars support.

I'm pushing the total number of tables to 20 now. With 20 normal and high speed tables mixed together I can get 1k hands an hour easily. Last month I couldn't handle 14 mixed tables. Go figure. Anyway, at this rate, I should be able to get to supernova in a much faster pace than I thought. We'll see what happens from now on.

Holy shit, what the hell is going on at Stars? It's been one hour since I sent the email and they haven't responded yet!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

08 is almost over!!!!

It's hard to believe that another year is almost gone. I've been back here in Malaysia for a little over a year now. Honestly I don't know how I survived all those years without seeing my family much at all. There have been some good times and bad times since I've been back. Some set backs, some progress as well. Overall I'm pretty happy to be back home. I have to thank all my friends there who have been on my side supporting me throughout the years. Just being there means a lot to me and I can't say enough how much I appreciate our friendships.

In terms of poker, 08 has been good to me. I manage to survive all year by playing nl50. That's not bad when you think about it. Well, low standard of living certainly helps a lot I guess. I learn how to massively multi table. I wish I knew about this way earlier. Things would have been much better now I think. It's always nice to be able to make more with the same or even less amount of time. Efficiency is the key. The games are much tougher compared to a year or two ago but it's definitely beatable. If a dumbass like me can do it anyone can. My game has improved I think but there's plenty of room I can work with to make it even better.

My connection at home has improved tremendously. I've actually been able to play lagfree for the most part for a few days now. I'm one day away from clearing the $650 bonus and another day to get to platinum. Haven't played much holdem at all this month because of, well, I'm a lazy fuck. At least I run good in omaha. My friend Chucky is an omaha addict and I learn a lot from him by watching him play high stakes short handed plo. Ok, maybe not, whatever. Just feel like throwing out a shout out to Chucky. I made about 500 bucks in just a few hours lol. Certainly good to run great when you flop great hands and get actions all over the place. But I lost a couple of hundred back so I think I'm up about 300-350 this month from plo. It's a fun game but I can only handle FR action now in plo. 6m plo is gonna be too tricky for me. Gotta learn a bit more before I dabble in that. I've played quite a bit of razz, triple draw and badugi as well. Don't ask me what's with my fascination of low ball draw games. I just love playing them. I'm up maybe 150 on that too which is pretty good consider I never play higher than .50/1.

For holdem, my winrate this month is at 2.5BB or so. Not great, not bad. I actually tried to table select some nl100 and mix it up with my normal nl50 tables. Only played about 600 hands or so and lost about 1.5 bi lol. Overall I think the games are not bad at all. I think I'm gonna start playing nl50 with some good nl100 tables mixed in from now on.

I know I can handle 24 normal speed tables. That's about 1100 hands an hour (more if you don't take smoke breaks). But the high speed tables seem a little juicier to me. So lately I've been mixing it up with all kinds of different tables. I can play about 15 comfortably with maybe 6-7 high speed tables mixed in. I still get about 900 hands an hour so that's pretty much near my goal of 1k/hr. I don't know the day of 24 tabling all high speed table will ever happen to me but right now I'm just glad that there's more table for me to play with and table selection is a lot easier.

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. I've been having a nice relaxed holiday. I think this is longest ever that my whole family are together since I came back from the states. It's rare that both my sister and me are home in JB at the same time, let alone 5 days straight. Well, tomorrow both of us will go back to KL and get ready for the year to come. We'll be back end of January for Chineses new year of course.

Enough of this. I'll post my December stats and graph once it's over. Happy new year and be safe.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Holy crap I got lucky. Went out earlier to find a coffee shop with decent connection and hit a home run at the first place I stopped at. However, that's the only lucky part about my session today.

FWIW I ran hot against shorties today. But lost a couple of big pots against some idiots who were trying to give money away. Whatever, at least I'm up. 3500+ hands and up about 60 bucks. Was up to almost 150 at one point. The connection wasn't perfect but it's much better than what I got at home. It still got laggy for a little every now and then but I'll take it. Looks like this shop will get a lot of my business for the next few days while I'm here in JB.

Maybe I got better, or I just have been lucky, I haven't been running into too many tough situations lately. That's why I'm not posting too many hands. It's not that hard to recognize if I'm beat now that I've been playing against these nits all the time.

See you tomorrow. I'm going home.

I'm so pissed off now....

It's near the end of 08. 09 is gonna be big with all the plans I have with this poker thing (supernova, etc). And now I can't get an internet connection that's stable enough to play online? This is pissing me off big time. I'm sitting here looking at Stars client. The lobby doesn't even load! I can get to my cashier if I can wait for 5 minutes. Sometimes I see the lobby and open a table, it takes about 2 minutes to sit down at a table, if no one has taken the seat already. Once I sat down I'm usually sat out because I timed out. Holy fuck, this is bad.

I'm gonna try coffee shops now. Doubt it'll be any better but can't be worse I guess.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Back in JB

Finally back in JB. Holy shit the drive was awful. I hate driving on the highway during the day.

Gonna spend some time with the family and see some old friends for Christmas. Will probably go back to KL in a few days and get ready for supernova.

Merry Christmas everyone. Have a safe holiday.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Useless crap

For those of you who are interested, here's a little bit of updates.

Haven't played much lately. A bunch of 1-2k hands sessions, that's it. Ran good, ran bad, played well, played bad, whatever. With 08 coming to an end, just feel like really fired up for 09 to get supernova at stars. Since nothing I do for the rest of the year will count towards anything I do next year anyway, I just don't have the motivation to really put in the work.

Just got the $650 bonus for 50k fpp. I'm gonna clear that, which should take about 25k hands or so. After that will just try out different setups, tweak a little bit to make it easier for grinding next year. I'm starting to mix in the high speed tables now. Tried it earlier with a mix of normal speed, high speed and pl tables. I get about 700-800 hands an hour with just 14 mixed tables. I can probably bump it up to 16 with no problem whatsoever. It does seem like the high speed tables are juicier. Vpip tend to be higher on those tables. Who knows, maybe one day i'll be able to handle 24 high speeds and that's 2k hands an hour!

Other than that, not much is going on. Went to a cousin's wedding. Had a christmas party last night, all my sister's friends. Flirted with this girl, but she has a boyfriend though. Who cares right?

Going back to JB sometime this week to spend a couple of weeks with family. Haven't been home in awhile now. Found some poker people in JB and we'll see how much I'll get hustled by them.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dec 8

Another 5k hands, another broke even day. Yeah, I know, Im up 30 bucks, boohoo.
Could have been A LOT worse. My KK cracked AA TWICE today. I can't remember the last time it happened and I got them twice today. I think I just used up all my luck for the rest of the month.

I'm too lazy to post any hands today. Maybe I'll post some hands from today along with the hands tomorrow. I'm trying to catch up with my Stox videos. I still have probably 100 videos I think I need to watch. They are coming out with a bunch of pretty cool stuff and added some really good coaches. People who's been contributing on 2p2 and the contents are good for micro and small stakes guys like me and the other 3 people who read this. Give it a shot. At least I'm sure it won't hurt your game.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dec 7

Not a good day but at least I'm up for the day. Down 4 bi at one point and finally got it back up. Ran into some tough spots which I'm post below, maybe even on 2p2.

Free Money:
Villain is 57/25.

I actually thought the amount was too high on the river when I hit the raise button. Maybe I should have bet more.

Same thing here, another idiot. He'd probably call a bigger raise too.

Some tough spots:
Villain is 35/20 over 89 hands. I obviously liked the K on the turn but when he called I went uh oh. Put him some draws and I hated the river card. Made a crying call since I'm getting more than 4 to 1 on the call. He just might be bluffing a missed straight draw or JJ type hands.


Villain is 23/16/8 over about 150 hands. I was pretty sure I had the best hand at the turn. Any better hand would shown some aggression already. I can't really explain why I made the call, the only thing is it 'smelled fishy'.

I didn't raise the flop because I wanted AA or KK to keep firing. Turn card brought an 'oops' moment since AK and all kinds of sets are already there. I don't think I should have called the river. I'm almost never good here. Well, live and learn.

Is this standard in bvb battle? One of those 'smelled fishy' moments but I was wrong this time.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dec 2, good start for December

Not a bad start at all for the month of December. Ran really good until near the end of the session when my AA got cracked by KK. Could have been $400+ easily if I won that hand.

Didn't run into too many tough spots. Made a couple of folds that I think is standard. Love days like this.

Free Money:
This was against a guy with 90+ vpip. Basically does all kinds of stupid and annoying shit that pisses you off, min raises, min bets, bets $1 into $30 when you have absolutely nothing kinda shit. Nothing satisfy me on the table more so than stacking idiots like this.


This was another idiot. 35/1 or something like that.

I'm back

After a long extended period of time away from this game, I'm back to playing again. Finally adjusted my schedule back, wake up at 6am now. I find that games at 6am to 2pm or so are the best. And I play fresh with nothing in my mind after I wake up and freshened up a little. Coffee in the morning is great again.

The result from Nov are shown above. Not a great month of course but at least I didn't lose. Did not hit my target of 100k hands. Wasn't even close to 3BB winrate but it's ok. That was the first month I really try to put in a lot of hands and 100k hands can be easily done imo. The thing is I just gotta find a way to cope with the swings a little better. I can't get freaked out everytime I hit a 10 bi swing. It's normal. Someone wrote this before. These swings will happen again, no matter how good you are. And you will have a worse one, it's a promise from poker god. So just embrace it, grind through it, play through it, expect it, it's part of the game.