Monday, December 8, 2008

Dec 7

Not a good day but at least I'm up for the day. Down 4 bi at one point and finally got it back up. Ran into some tough spots which I'm post below, maybe even on 2p2.

Free Money:
Villain is 57/25.
I actually thought the amount was too high on the river when I hit the raise button. Maybe I should have bet more.
Same thing here, another idiot. He'd probably call a bigger raise too.

Some tough spots:
Villain is 35/20 over 89 hands. I obviously liked the K on the turn but when he called I went uh oh. Put him some draws and I hated the river card. Made a crying call since I'm getting more than 4 to 1 on the call. He just might be bluffing a missed straight draw or JJ type hands.

Villain is 23/16/8 over about 150 hands. I was pretty sure I had the best hand at the turn. Any better hand would shown some aggression already. I can't really explain why I made the call, the only thing is it 'smelled fishy'.
I didn't raise the flop because I wanted AA or KK to keep firing. Turn card brought an 'oops' moment since AK and all kinds of sets are already there. I don't think I should have called the river. I'm almost never good here. Well, live and learn.
Is this standard in bvb battle? One of those 'smelled fishy' moments but I was wrong this time.