Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm back

After a long extended period of time away from this game, I'm back to playing again. Finally adjusted my schedule back, wake up at 6am now. I find that games at 6am to 2pm or so are the best. And I play fresh with nothing in my mind after I wake up and freshened up a little. Coffee in the morning is great again.

The result from Nov are shown above. Not a great month of course but at least I didn't lose. Did not hit my target of 100k hands. Wasn't even close to 3BB winrate but it's ok. That was the first month I really try to put in a lot of hands and 100k hands can be easily done imo. The thing is I just gotta find a way to cope with the swings a little better. I can't get freaked out everytime I hit a 10 bi swing. It's normal. Someone wrote this before. These swings will happen again, no matter how good you are. And you will have a worse one, it's a promise from poker god. So just embrace it, grind through it, play through it, expect it, it's part of the game.

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