Friday, November 28, 2008


I haven't played much in awhile. Ever since my bro's visit last Friday. Was sick for a few days. Was running and playing bad and it's no confidence booster when that happens. Been playing a few sessions, 1k hands here, 1k there. Not really helping. It's like you go to the driving range and hit 2 buckets of balls and feel like shit after. Yeah, you just hit 200 balls but you're not working on anything in particular in your swing so at the end, you're just as bad as you were before you started, probably worse. I've just been going over my database, watch a lot of videos. Got a couple of things I'm working on. I might even drop down to nl25 to try a few things or two. I'm just lacking confidence right now and I hope to come back as strong as I can. 2 10 buy in swings in one month is no fun, not at the volume I put in.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A day off, good day.

Told you I'm gonna add some pics.

My bro and my sis in law are in town for a day or two. We had some good food, good talk and it's good to see them again. It's their one year anniversary and they wanted to stop by KL for a day or two before they go to some island somewhere.

We went to Elcerdo for dinner last night. Food was good. Do not order the whole of half piglet though, didn't like that. But the rest of them were awesome. We had sausages, pork chop, spare ribs, etc. Then those two in the pictures showed up with an entourage of about 20 people plus another half a dozen or so of security guards. Kristy Yang and Athena Chu. Supposedly some semi big shot movie stars or something. Everyone was ohh ahh about this shit. I just thought that one of them has some pretty awesome looking tits from what I can tell.

I'm hit by the lazy bug again. Don't know when I'll start playing again. Probably tomorrow I'll go back on my regular schedule.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nov 20

Another not so good day. Didn't play as bad compared to yesterday. It's ftp again this time. Dropped over 4 bi there in such a short time. Ran bad sometimes. Played one pot real bad and some KK v AA type of shit.

Good thing is my bro and my sis in law are in town.

Free money:

Big law down or stupid laydown?:

The guy is 30/25 over small sample. I felt like I was beat. Does he do that w TJ?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nov 19

It was a rather uneventful day until the last session. I play about 800 hands a day on FTP. Just to get the ironman to get the bonus and get the FTP points for my stox membership. I'm up a little on FTP and I think honestly the game is probably better at FTP for nl50 fr. The only problem is I can't handle more than 8 tables. Still haven't figure out how to multitable efficiently on FTP yet so it's usually like a winding down kinda session before I'm done for the day.
However, today I managed to dump off almost 4 bi at FTP. I can't tell you why. The 4k+ hands on stars was not great, way below expectation but it's gonna happen sometimes. But on FTP today for some reason I just blew up. Lost 2 big pots and a bunch of little ones.
I gotta be able to control this much better if I'm serious about moving up. This is not acceptable. I could have saved myself a couple of bi just to be a little careful instead of fucking it up like this. Overall I'm down a little over 2 bi and it's not a big deal. Sometime you lose. But today, the way I went about it, was not acceptable and I need to be able to recognize the symptoms and stop playing immediately.

With that said, I'm liking my new schedule so far. Feels more like a normal person now. I wake up at around 6am local, about 5pm EST, freshen up and start playing. Usually takes about 7-8 hours for me to finish my day and my whole afternoon is wide open. I can do my review right after I play, which is better because everything is still relatively fresh in my mind. I can have lunch with my sister. I see sunlight now. I can go grocery shopping, run errands, etc. The only problem is I gotta sleep early now. I gotta sleep at around 10pm local to make this work. Weekday shouldn't be a problem but weekends are gonna be tough. One Liverpool game is enough to fuck this whole schedule up.

It hurts me to go over the hands today. Especially for the last session. But I have to do it to remind me not to ever do any shit like this again.

I flopped a few sets today that I just played it so bad it's gross. NEVER SLOW PLAY!!!! I slow played my way into 4 flush and 4 straight boards all day today with my sets. It makes me wanna puke. I promise I will never slow play again. If these idiots have a hand, they'll give you action anyway, whether you slow play it or not. If they don't have anything, fuck it then.

Free Money:
I don't know what to say.

Villain is 70/3, kinda hoped that he'd fold because I don't want a race with AQ type hands but I'm almost always ahead here.

Now the worstly played hand of the day:
The guy is fishy. But a fish could have AA too sometimes. There's no way to justify the way I played this hand. I got beat early on another table with my AJ vs this guy's AK. He shoved every other hand and mothefucker had to have a hand that beat me when I entered a pot with him. This hand happened almost immediately followed that hand. Not that it matters but this is the kind of shit I need to avoid if I want to take this thing seriously.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nov 18

Not a bad day. Up 5 buy in today.
Started off decent, then hit a 'they can see my cards' session. All good after that. Been kinda nitty today for some reason. Can't really say much about it, as long as it works.
Made a lot of crying calls today with overpairs. I think I played my overpairs kinda bad today.

Some hands from today:
Should have bet the turn, I know. River call was one of those 'I know I'm beat but fuck you I got aces' kinda call.
I'm sure the turn play is spewy at this level but it worked out. He wrote in chat that he didn't even see the flush when he called the river.

Can someone teach me how to fold a set?

Free Money:
Wanna learn how to play aces bad? Just learn from this guy.

Old guys in the NFL

What's with the old quaterbacks in the NFL lately? Collins, Warner, Farve?
I don't wanna jinx it or anything but Titans keep surprising us and maybe, just maybe, we'll have a team that's gonna shut up those annoying Dolphins.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nov 17, thank god not everyday is like this.

A very frustrating day. One of those days that I think my opponents can see my hole cards.

Something interesting happened. One guy sat down at one of my tables with 60bb and shoved every hand. Apparently he lost 5k yesterday and that's all he had left and he was on mad tilt and just wanted to shove. He even called out his hand right after they're dealt. I got in right away with AK and lost to his A2 lol. Then he won another one from me, K7 beat my AJ. I finally got all of them back later on but still lost about 25 bucks from his shenanigan. Funny thing is, only one other guy on the table called his push with AA, no action from the rest of table except me. Those fucking full ring nits I swear.

Nov 16 result

Had a pretty good day. I'll take a 4 bi day within 5k hands anytime. The first session was probably the best session I've ever had. I did exactly what I set out to do. It's great that whatever your read turns out to be right, whatever you did was the correct move. And I was playing 18 tables with time to spare as well. I think I can start trying 20+ soon. Last time I tried 20 it was a little overwhelming.

Hopefully this good run will continue. I got my winrate for the month up to 2.87BB now. Let's hope no more down swing.

Believe it or not, nothing much in Free Money today. Bunch of people chased their flush and most didn't hit. That's about it. Nothing much of interesting hands either. You know, the normal story, they chase, they hit or miss, I win or lose. Most of the time money went in with me being ahead.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Half way point in Nov

Half way in Nov now. I'm way behind my target of 100k hands this month. I doubt I'll make it but we'll see. I'm also way behind the 3BB winrate target.

Love that 12 bi swing in the beginning of the month.

Some hands from Nov 14
Looks like I'm gonna have to go to war with this guy from now on. After the AK v Q6 hand, he 3 barrel bluff me in this pot. I thought about this and decided to just call it down. Thought he might be doing exactly what he did here.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nov 14

Well, today could have been a much better day if not for the 3 set over set hands I was involved in. Of course I had the lower set in all 3 hands. Of course I didn't catch my one outer. Only others can catch their one outer on me, not the other around. It's the basic rule of poker. So that's 3 buy-ins gone just like that.

Although the result could be much better, I feel really good about the way I played today. Especially in the beginning of the day. I recently looked over my database over the last 100k hands. I think I get too timid at turn and river and I need to up my aggression a little in those situations. Pot control is good sometimes but overdoing it could be damaging to my winrate. I played a few pots when I made a read and went with it. Played more aggressive than usual at the turn especially in a few cases and the result showed. The set over set hands were in the beginning of the session and I was even money even after those 3 hands. Other than a couple of free money hands I pretty much just aggro my way out of the hole. It feels good to see my red line for today's sessions just slightly below 0. Maybe it's just the way the cards turned out or maybe I'm onto something here. We'll see if this continues in the future sessions.

Add ImageThe end of the day was not that nice though. I made some mistakes and I think playing while I was kinda tired had a lot to do with it. Omg the weekend games are crazy. I stopped playing at about 9.30 est and most of my tables have at least a couple of droolers. Some have 4 or 5. I was just too tired to chase them. Maybe I need to adjust my schedule a little bit to play with these guys.

Free Money:
Um, thanks I guess.

Ok, this isn't exactly free money. I have to take back what I said earlier about one outer. lol one-outerment.
I guess some people just have trust issues.
Ok this is not exactly free money either, but it's close enough. I don't remember ever 4bet bluffed this guy and folded but I must have done it before and that's why he's doing this. This is steal situation anyway so I can't really fault him for doing it.
Another thank you note needs to be sent.

I'll post the interesting hands later. I'm too sleepy to do a review now.

Some hands from Nov 13
He had AQ by the way. Ongame hand history is kinda fucked up for some reason. In hindsight I should have fired the turn again. The way it's played, there's no way I'm folding the turn here. If he had a hand that beat me then he played it weird.
Once again I butchered another hand. I don't know why I keep fearing people has hands that beat me. Should have fired the turn or check raised him as played.

That's it. Kinda lazy to look for more hands. Been reading 2p2 again and been thinking about a few scenarios all day. I'll probably try something new tonight.

Free money Nov 13

First of all, let's start off with some free money:
He's 34/14. I kinda expected AJ after he called my push but he would have raised that preflop I think. Totally didn't expect AT though lol. Relatively big pot too.
11/4 nit. Knew this guy wasn't folding his big pairs, if that's what he had, if I flopped something.

That's it. A pretty uneventful night I guess when it comes to free money.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nov 13 result

Spent 9+ hours and more than 5k hands later, I'm up 90 bucks. I guess I can't complain too much since I didn't lose. But it feels so disappointed to not win more. As usual, ran a little below average but it's nothing new. This is one of those days that I just can't remember much about the sessions I just had. I think I played for too long and got into the robotic mode for a long time. I should never play poker this way. I'll try my best to keep myself from doing the same thing again.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some interesting hands from yesterday
How should I put this? Well, I played this hand like an idiot. Or maybe I am an idiot. Sometimes you do something in life that you just have no explanation for. Why I just called the turn I have no idea. He's a 55/24 with high AF. Why did I just call? Because I'm a dumbass. My thought was to check raise the turn because I knew he was gonna bet most of the time, yet I just called. What a dumbass.
Another hand I butchered. He's 42/13. I guess I have trust issues. His line seemed so weird that part of me just went, 'fuck you, i'll see what you got'.
This is against a regular, a pretty good one and I'm sure he's a winner at this level. He 3bets a bit from the blinds, and I'm pretty much stealing all the time here on the button. He has a 4% 3bet, not that high but there's some light 3betting there mixed in. I decided to just call and he's pretty aggro and hope that he'll bet for me. It's exactly what happened and I'm just glad he didn't have AA or QQ this time.
Wow, just wow. I face this situation a lot from the nits and believe it or not I fold a lot in this situation. But this one is a little different. He's fold to cbet is only 38% and check raise 14%, you combine both and you'll get someone who's pretty aggro oop on the flop. I put him on maybe a flush draw, a set of course is in his range, as well as some kind of T here. Or maybe 88-99 type that just doesn't believe me. When he bet only half pot on the turn I pretty much just decide to say fuck you I push. Well, the rest is history.

This is so weird. Maybe I shouldn't have but in the heat of the moment it so felt so much like he had AK. Who the fuck plays AA this way?

Free money Nov 12

I'm gonna have a section named Free Money everyday.
Hopefully I can win a lot of money without a lot of hands in this section.

Let this be a lesson to you kids, DO NOT MIN RAISE ME PREFLOP. I fucking hate these min raising motherfuckers and it feels so good stacking this fucking idiot.
I know I ran into AA again with my KK. But I won some money from that fucking idiot who called my pushed. Dumbass is 54/7 and I knew there's a good chance he'll call my push.
Another typical idiot who won't lay down top pair.

Nov 12

Ran good today. Didn't play too many hands. I'm still way behind on my 100k hands goal. Need to buckle up and play more. I know, I keep saying that but I'm not doing it. Lazy fuck.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nov 10 hands
Don't know if this is a standard fold. He's 58/6 over 50 hands, not particularly aggro. It just smells too much like AA or KK. Maybe AK but I doubt it.
I called down only because it's B vs B. I should have reraised pf and it'll make the hand easier to play. Almost folded on the river.
Bad bluff on my part. I either had a T or air at the river and it's a no brainer for him to call, I think. Should be raising the flop. Need to do better in spots like this from now on.
Kinda butchered the hand. At least I didn't call the river bet.

Free money

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finally a decent day, Nov 10

Finally a decent result for a change. Up almost 8 buy ins. I'll take a $380 day anytime of the month.
Lots of donations from the fish. I'll post some funny hands. I also ran into a KK vs AA. Of course I had the KK. I'm starting to think if I push KK a little harder and face some resistance preflop, it's almost always gonna be AA at Pokerstars at nl50.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Nov 9 result

Pretty decent session. I wish all sessions are like that.
I'm sure this is spewy to say the least. I don't know if this is too terrible of a mistake but everytime I get 3bet real small by some shorties like this, I'm thinking I'm gonna check raise all in with any flop I like. I mean, if it's really bad, they're short anyway. Fuck them.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Liverpool 3 West brom 0

A not so bad performance by Liverpool. Keane finally scored, 2 goals no less. I still hate Kuyt, Gerrard didn't really have a great game. Torres came on for 20 minutes and didn't do shit.

For you Man U fans out there, my condolences.

Last few days

Haven't played much the last 3 days. Maybe 6k+ hands. Been running bad and I try not to go near the game when I'm running bad. Not in denial, I just hate thinking too much about my game that it'll actually do more harm than good.

20k hands so far this month and it's way below my expectation. Running bad is one thing, I donked off a lot of money as well. I'll look for some hands. Some I played in a retarded fashion, some just plain ol bad luck, some I was just plain ol confused.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hands from yesterday

I lost almost 3 buy ins with a set over set and a KK vs AA. And this hand:
I raised the turn because I think I have the best hand here a lot. QJ is just one of the possible hands he might have. Obviously I'm behind but he could have a lot of other shit as well, I think. He's a 16/11 that limp called preflop. It's mostly small pairs, suited connectors, suited aces maybe, or some weirdly played good pairs. He could easily have a hand like T9, sets, some flush draw, etc. I knew It's most likely QJ after he pushed though. I was getting 4 to 1 by then to draw to my boat and there's no way I'm laying that hand down.

Qustionable call #1:
I wouldn't have called if I only have an overpair. I'm guessing that not only a 7 is in his range, some sets and two pairs are there as well.

Another badly played hand imo. I usually cbet this but for some reason, maybe because I was getting floated so much yesterday, I decided not to cbet into 2 opponents in a 3bet pot on this flop. I did exactly what I wanted by getting AJ to call my 3bet but the result wasn't what I wanted.

Bad day yesterday. It's one of those days where nothing worked. Nothing. I made a couple of questionable calls and a few spots where I just don't think I can ever get away from.
It's sessions like this that make me want to re-examine my cbet strategy. Seems like every time I cbet someone will raise me. I usually take down a lot of little pots like that and it helps the bottom line tremendously.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nov 4 result

Didn't play much at all. Was up late trying to keep up with the news of the election.
Nothing much happened except this hand:
I'm never giving up that spot there.

Football team (American football)

What the hell is going on after I left? Titans are undefeated. Alabama is undefeated. All my teams are undefeated right after I left. I was actually the jinx?

Go Obama

Nice win for Obama. It's time for a change, I'm glad the American people feel the same way. Let's hope he can keep his promises. There's really no excuse for him with the majority for Democrats in both the house and senate as well. Looking forward to the next 8 years.

US Election

It's 830am here in Malaysia, way past my bed time. I'm gonna try to stay up for as long as I can to get as much coverage on the election as possible. Hope all my friends back home voted, well second home for me anyway.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A few hands from yesterday's session

So many hands to talk about today. I got off a great start but in the middle of the session I started doing all kinds of crazy shit and idiotic calls. Here's some hands:
Christmas came early this year.
Don't remember why exactly I checked the turn and the river. But I think my thinking was he's aggressive and he'll probably bet for me. In hindsight they turned out to be good checks but I think I need to bet more in spots like this to get more value out of hands like 88 or 99.
This is the hand that started everything. He's 16/14 with a fold to 3bet of 71%. I must have 3bet him 3, 4 times in a short time across different tables. He seems like a thinking type that make adjustments, not those set mining regulars you see all the time. My thinking was I'll only 3bet him with good hands after that. Finally I got AK and as predicted, he fought back. I felt pretty good about this shove because of the histories we had. I had the action I wanted but I admit I was a little tilted after the hand. And I started doing all kinds of shit after this.
Then we have this hand. He's 14/12 with 5% 3bet, I guess it's not a bad push and I got lucky.
This is another regular who is 22/10 with 6% 3bet. I remember thinking I'm gonna call the 3bet and check raise all in with any safe flop. Somehow I think Q high flop is safe and did exactly that and I got lucky again.

Then this shit happened.

Got all in preflop with the same 22/10 with AK against his QQ and I didn't hit after that. There's a bunch of other hands where I just push push push and said 'fuck you I push'. Lost a bunch of small hands to a bunch of shorties. Some big ones too like the following hands:

Surprised I didn't get sucked out in these:

Well, I gotta think straight. If I can't play thinking straight, don't play! I don't know why I just can't follow this simple rule sometimes.

I'm a chicken

I have a little over 13k in vpp on stars. I made a post on to see what kind of interest I'll get for a prop bet of me getting supernova this year. After much thought about it I decided to punk out. There's a big difference between my original goal of 100k hands a month and more than 400k hands in 2 months. That's how many hands I need to put in to get to SN. I'd love to have the extra money but not having a life for 2 months is just too much. I wanted at least 4.5k usd to my 3k, at 1.5 to 1. There's actually some interest but I decided to cancel it before it gets too far.

So here we go, I'm a punk, a little bitch, I don't back up my words with my action. I'm a fat ass chicken.

Nov 3 result

Holy shit what a day. Started off great then hit a rough patch and slipped big time. Maybe I should have stopped playing at the 2800 hands mark and save me all the trouble.

I'll post some hands in a minute if I feel up for it. If not it'll be after I wake up. Don't really feel like doing a session review now.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A few hands from today.
Didn't put this guy on a K at all. It was a typical 'what the fuck is this shit?' kinda call. I don't think I'm ever good in this spot but whatever, I'm dumb. The guy turned out to be a 8/5 over 200+ hands but this was right at the beginning of the session and no read whatsoever when the hand started.
I hate spots like this. I don't think he does that with any hands that I beat. At best I'm tied?

When I'm having a losing session, I play scared. It's one problem I need to figure out how to solve. The following hand is one example. I think I lost a lot of value here. We definitely could have gotten it in on that flop, if not I prevent him from drawing for free.

Nov 02 result

Nov 02 result.

Not a very good session, but I got unstuck so I'm happy about that. Love that graph, thank god for the nice run at the end.

I find myself playing too weak tight and going for pot control too much when I'm losing. Seems like everytime I get raised with my AA or KK I feel like I'm beat. I'll post a few hands in a minute.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Liverpool lost!!!!

Took a day off today. Went out to hang out with friends and watched a couple of ball games. Man U and Chelsea won, as expected although the Man U game had quite a finish but they held on to win it.

My team Liverpool, however, lost to the bottom of the table Spurs. I think we've been winning ugly lately and that's why we're at the top of the table. Kuyt scored the first goal in the 3rd minutes and it was uninspiring football for the rest of the match. Hopefully this result will serve as a wake up call to the team: We can't keep playing ugly football and expect to win.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Last day for October

Only played a short session today.

I played this hand so bad. I'm still thinking about it. I should have 4bet shove or fold pf.

This is another badly played hand. Don't know why I didn't 3bet pf.

October results

Here's the result for October. Basically I've been pretty much too lazy this month and here's the result. Well, I'm gonna change that in the coming month.

October was pretty much all multitabling on Stars and FTP.