Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nov 17, thank god not everyday is like this.

A very frustrating day. One of those days that I think my opponents can see my hole cards.

Something interesting happened. One guy sat down at one of my tables with 60bb and shoved every hand. Apparently he lost 5k yesterday and that's all he had left and he was on mad tilt and just wanted to shove. He even called out his hand right after they're dealt. I got in right away with AK and lost to his A2 lol. Then he won another one from me, K7 beat my AJ. I finally got all of them back later on but still lost about 25 bucks from his shenanigan. Funny thing is, only one other guy on the table called his push with AA, no action from the rest of table except me. Those fucking full ring nits I swear.

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