Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm a chicken

I have a little over 13k in vpp on stars. I made a post on www.pokermalaysia.com to see what kind of interest I'll get for a prop bet of me getting supernova this year. After much thought about it I decided to punk out. There's a big difference between my original goal of 100k hands a month and more than 400k hands in 2 months. That's how many hands I need to put in to get to SN. I'd love to have the extra money but not having a life for 2 months is just too much. I wanted at least 4.5k usd to my 3k, at 1.5 to 1. There's actually some interest but I decided to cancel it before it gets too far.

So here we go, I'm a punk, a little bitch, I don't back up my words with my action. I'm a fat ass chicken.

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