Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nov 14

Well, today could have been a much better day if not for the 3 set over set hands I was involved in. Of course I had the lower set in all 3 hands. Of course I didn't catch my one outer. Only others can catch their one outer on me, not the other around. It's the basic rule of poker. So that's 3 buy-ins gone just like that.

Although the result could be much better, I feel really good about the way I played today. Especially in the beginning of the day. I recently looked over my database over the last 100k hands. I think I get too timid at turn and river and I need to up my aggression a little in those situations. Pot control is good sometimes but overdoing it could be damaging to my winrate. I played a few pots when I made a read and went with it. Played more aggressive than usual at the turn especially in a few cases and the result showed. The set over set hands were in the beginning of the session and I was even money even after those 3 hands. Other than a couple of free money hands I pretty much just aggro my way out of the hole. It feels good to see my red line for today's sessions just slightly below 0. Maybe it's just the way the cards turned out or maybe I'm onto something here. We'll see if this continues in the future sessions.

Add ImageThe end of the day was not that nice though. I made some mistakes and I think playing while I was kinda tired had a lot to do with it. Omg the weekend games are crazy. I stopped playing at about 9.30 est and most of my tables have at least a couple of droolers. Some have 4 or 5. I was just too tired to chase them. Maybe I need to adjust my schedule a little bit to play with these guys.

Free Money:
Um, thanks I guess.

Ok, this isn't exactly free money. I have to take back what I said earlier about one outer. lol one-outerment.
I guess some people just have trust issues.
Ok this is not exactly free money either, but it's close enough. I don't remember ever 4bet bluffed this guy and folded but I must have done it before and that's why he's doing this. This is steal situation anyway so I can't really fault him for doing it.
Another thank you note needs to be sent.

I'll post the interesting hands later. I'm too sleepy to do a review now.

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