Saturday, June 27, 2009

Skype fuck up

For some reason I can't log on to my Skype account anymore. Seems like someone changed my Skype password and it's definitely not me. Guess I got hacked. If you want to get in touch with me thru Skype please look for etay256. My msn remains No AIM, sorry.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Kelong trip

Went on a kelong trip a few weeks ago. I know, I need to update more on this kind of stuff but it's my blog so whatever.

What's a kelong? Here's a short answer: What is a kelong? It's like a wooden structure people build in coastal waters to catch fish basically.

Anyway, there were 15 of us. A few cases of beer, bunch of fishing rods and stuff, and off we go hoping to catch some big ones. It was really hot but we had some fun. Nobody really caught any fish at all. Just a few little ones and a squid by fatty. Here's some pics:

Stop at the famous 'bah kut teh' at Kota Tinggi early morning on our way to the jetty. For those of you who dont know, bah kut teh is kinda like pork stew kinda thing. I suck at explaining shit for that's the best I can come up with. It was pretty good. We pretty much try to eat at this place everytime we have a chance to go to Mersing.

Me, Kay Liang and fatty on the ferry. I don't think anyone got seasick this trip. The ferry ride was about an hour long I think. I lost all sense of time whenever I go on a trip.

The view of the kelong we went to. Right before we docked.

Here's how the accommodation looks like. No air conditioning, just fans. It kinda looks like those refugee camps you see in the movie. But we all knew what to expect so it's all good.

Right off the bat me and Kay Liang started fishing. It was so hot it's not even funny.

Don't know what's with that expression on my face. I was trying to hook some little pieces of squid.
Read a John Grisham book during the trip. What else can you do when there's no fish?

Some pics of the views from the kelong.

On our way back and before that, a group pic on kelong.

Thank you Tracy for taking all the pics!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Looks like some of you might miss me a little so here's some update. I'm just getting lazier everyday when it comes to updating this blog.

First of all life is good I guess. Still broke and barely getting by but nothing disastrous happen lately and that's all I can ask for I guess. Went to a kelong a couple of weeks ago. For those of you who don't know, a kelong is a wooden structure people build near coastal area to catch fish. I went with bunch of friends and it was a good trip. Except we didn't catch any fish. But the coolers served their purpose as our beer storage so it's all good. I'll post some pics later in a seperate blog entry.

I'm going to a nice island near me this coming Sunday. It's called Tioman Island and here's a link:
We're staying at this resort:
I'm going with a couple of cute girls by the way so it's gonna be awesome. Not in the way that you're thinking about now. We're good friends only. Of course, will post pics when we get back.

Just came back from KL couple of days ago. Was there for about 4 days and had a blast. Went to Newman Magazines anniversary party on Thursday night at this club called Mists in Bangsar. Holy shit I've never seen so many beautiful women all in the same place. Free Jonny Walker and some expensive whiskey shit all night long so it's all great. Played in a charity poker tournament and donked off 50 bucks. Went to meet up with the KL crew on Saturday night at Kevin's house and it's great to be hanging out with this bunch after so long. Next trip up there we'll play some golf, I promise.

Poker wise it's not good at all lol. I've played only 36k hands so far and not exactly playing great. I've never spent as much time studying the game as I do now though so hopefully this will help in the long run. At least I have $2500+ coming in from bonus so it's not a total loss. This is gonna be the worst month for me in terms of output and result this year but I hope that from the effort I put in by getting coaching, watching videos and discussing hands on the forum that I'll benefit from it in the long run. I'm trying a few different lines and start to think about the game a little differently now. So far I can't say it's working out great and I feel more confused than anything else. But hey, who said it's easy for stupid people like me? This is usually what happens when you change something in your golf swings. You start playing bad before you get better. So I'm hoping this is what's going with me now.

Haven't been to the gym in weeks already. Need to improve on that as well.

And Tim, lay off the Ambient.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Fuck me. My air conditioning unit in my room has broken down. WTF AM I GONNA DO?!?!?! Why can't I just run good ONE TIME!?!?!?!?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My last 10k hands lol

My last 10k hands. It's been fun. One of those stretches where nothing works. Cbet, 3bet, value bet, bluff, etc.

Surprisingly I'm not even mad or upset. I'm just concerned. After the session I had with Qtip and talking to people and reading forums, I just realized how unprepared I am when it comes to this game. Something's gotta change. And it's gotta change quick.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Just had my first session with Owen and I must say it was very productive. A lot of stuff were mentioned and lots of stuff that I need to work on. He also mentioned a few things that never crossed my mind when I play and now I can incorporate those thoughts into my thinking process.

I'm gonna play now. There is some new found energy now I can really work on my game. Maybe I should have done this a little sooner. Actually I should rephrase that. I'm not gonna just play. Thinking about the game while doing review should be the top priority and I need a whole new way to think about the game and I think I'm heading the right way.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Coaching from bigowen

Just spoke with Bigowen, also know as Qtip on stox. I've decided to take up his coaching offer. We spoke for about an hour and he seems to be a pretty cool guy. I'm really looking forward to this. We'll do a 5 hours week long program @ $85/hr. Worst case scenario he only finds 1 or 2 problems with my game that's worth $1/hr and it'll pay for itself in a few months. Of course, I'm sure we'll find more than 1 or 2 problems. What am I Tiger Woods of poker?

I'm really excited about this. I sense good things are coming from this.

Monday, June 1, 2009

May 09

Not a bad month I guess. It's not bad quality wise since my win rate is a lot better than my usual 2.5BB but the output was far below expected. I feel lost sometimes. Even though I did well I know my game is nowhere near where I want to be and I'm at wits end about how to get it fixed. I'm thinking about getting a coach and I'm in contact with a Stox coach now. I can't afford much but this guy has pretty good result and he's one of those up and coming guys so maybe that's why he's not charging as much as others. I'm hoping I can work with him to help me move on to the next stage. Actually to say he has good result is such an understatement. He's up over 100k this year.

One more thing. Stars is having a $2400 instant cash reward for150k fpp now!! No more clearing bonus!! It's a once a month thing though but that should be ok for me since I dont get that much in fpp anyway. Will try to make it a once every 2 months kinda thing.