Monday, June 1, 2009

May 09

Not a bad month I guess. It's not bad quality wise since my win rate is a lot better than my usual 2.5BB but the output was far below expected. I feel lost sometimes. Even though I did well I know my game is nowhere near where I want to be and I'm at wits end about how to get it fixed. I'm thinking about getting a coach and I'm in contact with a Stox coach now. I can't afford much but this guy has pretty good result and he's one of those up and coming guys so maybe that's why he's not charging as much as others. I'm hoping I can work with him to help me move on to the next stage. Actually to say he has good result is such an understatement. He's up over 100k this year.

One more thing. Stars is having a $2400 instant cash reward for150k fpp now!! No more clearing bonus!! It's a once a month thing though but that should be ok for me since I dont get that much in fpp anyway. Will try to make it a once every 2 months kinda thing.

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