Friday, June 26, 2009

Kelong trip

Went on a kelong trip a few weeks ago. I know, I need to update more on this kind of stuff but it's my blog so whatever.

What's a kelong? Here's a short answer: What is a kelong? It's like a wooden structure people build in coastal waters to catch fish basically.

Anyway, there were 15 of us. A few cases of beer, bunch of fishing rods and stuff, and off we go hoping to catch some big ones. It was really hot but we had some fun. Nobody really caught any fish at all. Just a few little ones and a squid by fatty. Here's some pics:

Stop at the famous 'bah kut teh' at Kota Tinggi early morning on our way to the jetty. For those of you who dont know, bah kut teh is kinda like pork stew kinda thing. I suck at explaining shit for that's the best I can come up with. It was pretty good. We pretty much try to eat at this place everytime we have a chance to go to Mersing.

Me, Kay Liang and fatty on the ferry. I don't think anyone got seasick this trip. The ferry ride was about an hour long I think. I lost all sense of time whenever I go on a trip.

The view of the kelong we went to. Right before we docked.

Here's how the accommodation looks like. No air conditioning, just fans. It kinda looks like those refugee camps you see in the movie. But we all knew what to expect so it's all good.

Right off the bat me and Kay Liang started fishing. It was so hot it's not even funny.

Don't know what's with that expression on my face. I was trying to hook some little pieces of squid.
Read a John Grisham book during the trip. What else can you do when there's no fish?

Some pics of the views from the kelong.

On our way back and before that, a group pic on kelong.

Thank you Tracy for taking all the pics!

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