Friday, November 28, 2008


I haven't played much in awhile. Ever since my bro's visit last Friday. Was sick for a few days. Was running and playing bad and it's no confidence booster when that happens. Been playing a few sessions, 1k hands here, 1k there. Not really helping. It's like you go to the driving range and hit 2 buckets of balls and feel like shit after. Yeah, you just hit 200 balls but you're not working on anything in particular in your swing so at the end, you're just as bad as you were before you started, probably worse. I've just been going over my database, watch a lot of videos. Got a couple of things I'm working on. I might even drop down to nl25 to try a few things or two. I'm just lacking confidence right now and I hope to come back as strong as I can. 2 10 buy in swings in one month is no fun, not at the volume I put in.

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