Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nov 10 hands
Don't know if this is a standard fold. He's 58/6 over 50 hands, not particularly aggro. It just smells too much like AA or KK. Maybe AK but I doubt it.
I called down only because it's B vs B. I should have reraised pf and it'll make the hand easier to play. Almost folded on the river.
Bad bluff on my part. I either had a T or air at the river and it's a no brainer for him to call, I think. Should be raising the flop. Need to do better in spots like this from now on.
Kinda butchered the hand. At least I didn't call the river bet.

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eliCP said...

qq hand is ok 58/6 guys dont do this with worse especially on the flop.

Aj--I am playing hand 2 like this alot now as well a ton of ppl like to raise oop in the sb to take your bb
the benefit to 3 betting is your take the initiative in the hand. Personally I call raises with almost atc facing a sb steal since I do that with such wide range I like just calling with AJ here as well since I can play it just like you did here.
benefit of playing soft are getting action from air hands like you did. Obv your risking him hitting a hand but ppl get out of line alot in this spot.

jj- I think you got it right your turning your hand with showdown value only into a bluff hes not calling with worse than jj.

AQ- probably betting out the turn after he check the riv is best.