Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some interesting hands from yesterday
How should I put this? Well, I played this hand like an idiot. Or maybe I am an idiot. Sometimes you do something in life that you just have no explanation for. Why I just called the turn I have no idea. He's a 55/24 with high AF. Why did I just call? Because I'm a dumbass. My thought was to check raise the turn because I knew he was gonna bet most of the time, yet I just called. What a dumbass.
Another hand I butchered. He's 42/13. I guess I have trust issues. His line seemed so weird that part of me just went, 'fuck you, i'll see what you got'.
This is against a regular, a pretty good one and I'm sure he's a winner at this level. He 3bets a bit from the blinds, and I'm pretty much stealing all the time here on the button. He has a 4% 3bet, not that high but there's some light 3betting there mixed in. I decided to just call and he's pretty aggro and hope that he'll bet for me. It's exactly what happened and I'm just glad he didn't have AA or QQ this time.
Wow, just wow. I face this situation a lot from the nits and believe it or not I fold a lot in this situation. But this one is a little different. He's fold to cbet is only 38% and check raise 14%, you combine both and you'll get someone who's pretty aggro oop on the flop. I put him on maybe a flush draw, a set of course is in his range, as well as some kind of T here. Or maybe 88-99 type that just doesn't believe me. When he bet only half pot on the turn I pretty much just decide to say fuck you I push. Well, the rest is history.

This is so weird. Maybe I shouldn't have but in the heat of the moment it so felt so much like he had AK. Who the fuck plays AA this way?

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eliCP said...

I dont think that jj hand is as bad as you say it is your checking to him to induce a bluff if you check raise him on the turn your limiting the hands that you beat giving you action. I think the way to go is the way you played it or keep firing. His bet size on the river is pretty yuck guess its a puke call tho against this guy.