Sunday, November 23, 2008

A day off, good day.

Told you I'm gonna add some pics.

My bro and my sis in law are in town for a day or two. We had some good food, good talk and it's good to see them again. It's their one year anniversary and they wanted to stop by KL for a day or two before they go to some island somewhere.

We went to Elcerdo for dinner last night. Food was good. Do not order the whole of half piglet though, didn't like that. But the rest of them were awesome. We had sausages, pork chop, spare ribs, etc. Then those two in the pictures showed up with an entourage of about 20 people plus another half a dozen or so of security guards. Kristy Yang and Athena Chu. Supposedly some semi big shot movie stars or something. Everyone was ohh ahh about this shit. I just thought that one of them has some pretty awesome looking tits from what I can tell.

I'm hit by the lazy bug again. Don't know when I'll start playing again. Probably tomorrow I'll go back on my regular schedule.

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tim said...

very nice,how much? wow they pretty hot