Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A few hands from yesterday's session

So many hands to talk about today. I got off a great start but in the middle of the session I started doing all kinds of crazy shit and idiotic calls. Here's some hands:

Christmas came early this year.

Don't remember why exactly I checked the turn and the river. But I think my thinking was he's aggressive and he'll probably bet for me. In hindsight they turned out to be good checks but I think I need to bet more in spots like this to get more value out of hands like 88 or 99.

This is the hand that started everything. He's 16/14 with a fold to 3bet of 71%. I must have 3bet him 3, 4 times in a short time across different tables. He seems like a thinking type that make adjustments, not those set mining regulars you see all the time. My thinking was I'll only 3bet him with good hands after that. Finally I got AK and as predicted, he fought back. I felt pretty good about this shove because of the histories we had. I had the action I wanted but I admit I was a little tilted after the hand. And I started doing all kinds of shit after this.

Then we have this hand. He's 14/12 with 5% 3bet, I guess it's not a bad push and I got lucky.

This is another regular who is 22/10 with 6% 3bet. I remember thinking I'm gonna call the 3bet and check raise all in with any safe flop. Somehow I think Q high flop is safe and did exactly that and I got lucky again.


Then this shit happened.

Got all in preflop with the same 22/10 with AK against his QQ and I didn't hit after that. There's a bunch of other hands where I just push push push and said 'fuck you I push'. Lost a bunch of small hands to a bunch of shorties. Some big ones too like the following hands:

Surprised I didn't get sucked out in these:

Well, I gotta think straight. If I can't play thinking straight, don't play! I don't know why I just can't follow this simple rule sometimes.

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