Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hands from yesterday

I lost almost 3 buy ins with a set over set and a KK vs AA. And this hand:
I raised the turn because I think I have the best hand here a lot. QJ is just one of the possible hands he might have. Obviously I'm behind but he could have a lot of other shit as well, I think. He's a 16/11 that limp called preflop. It's mostly small pairs, suited connectors, suited aces maybe, or some weirdly played good pairs. He could easily have a hand like T9, sets, some flush draw, etc. I knew It's most likely QJ after he pushed though. I was getting 4 to 1 by then to draw to my boat and there's no way I'm laying that hand down.

Qustionable call #1:
I wouldn't have called if I only have an overpair. I'm guessing that not only a 7 is in his range, some sets and two pairs are there as well.

Another badly played hand imo. I usually cbet this but for some reason, maybe because I was getting floated so much yesterday, I decided not to cbet into 2 opponents in a 3bet pot on this flop. I did exactly what I wanted by getting AJ to call my 3bet but the result wasn't what I wanted.

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