Monday, November 3, 2008

A few hands from today.
Didn't put this guy on a K at all. It was a typical 'what the fuck is this shit?' kinda call. I don't think I'm ever good in this spot but whatever, I'm dumb. The guy turned out to be a 8/5 over 200+ hands but this was right at the beginning of the session and no read whatsoever when the hand started.
I hate spots like this. I don't think he does that with any hands that I beat. At best I'm tied?

When I'm having a losing session, I play scared. It's one problem I need to figure out how to solve. The following hand is one example. I think I lost a lot of value here. We definitely could have gotten it in on that flop, if not I prevent him from drawing for free.


David said...

I'd get pissed off if someone min raised me like that too. You just can't fold.

Tay said...

Holy shit someone is actually reading my blog.