Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nov 19

It was a rather uneventful day until the last session. I play about 800 hands a day on FTP. Just to get the ironman to get the bonus and get the FTP points for my stox membership. I'm up a little on FTP and I think honestly the game is probably better at FTP for nl50 fr. The only problem is I can't handle more than 8 tables. Still haven't figure out how to multitable efficiently on FTP yet so it's usually like a winding down kinda session before I'm done for the day.
However, today I managed to dump off almost 4 bi at FTP. I can't tell you why. The 4k+ hands on stars was not great, way below expectation but it's gonna happen sometimes. But on FTP today for some reason I just blew up. Lost 2 big pots and a bunch of little ones.
I gotta be able to control this much better if I'm serious about moving up. This is not acceptable. I could have saved myself a couple of bi just to be a little careful instead of fucking it up like this. Overall I'm down a little over 2 bi and it's not a big deal. Sometime you lose. But today, the way I went about it, was not acceptable and I need to be able to recognize the symptoms and stop playing immediately.

With that said, I'm liking my new schedule so far. Feels more like a normal person now. I wake up at around 6am local, about 5pm EST, freshen up and start playing. Usually takes about 7-8 hours for me to finish my day and my whole afternoon is wide open. I can do my review right after I play, which is better because everything is still relatively fresh in my mind. I can have lunch with my sister. I see sunlight now. I can go grocery shopping, run errands, etc. The only problem is I gotta sleep early now. I gotta sleep at around 10pm local to make this work. Weekday shouldn't be a problem but weekends are gonna be tough. One Liverpool game is enough to fuck this whole schedule up.

It hurts me to go over the hands today. Especially for the last session. But I have to do it to remind me not to ever do any shit like this again.

I flopped a few sets today that I just played it so bad it's gross. NEVER SLOW PLAY!!!! I slow played my way into 4 flush and 4 straight boards all day today with my sets. It makes me wanna puke. I promise I will never slow play again. If these idiots have a hand, they'll give you action anyway, whether you slow play it or not. If they don't have anything, fuck it then.

Free Money:
I don't know what to say.

Villain is 70/3, kinda hoped that he'd fold because I don't want a race with AQ type hands but I'm almost always ahead here.

Now the worstly played hand of the day:
The guy is fishy. But a fish could have AA too sometimes. There's no way to justify the way I played this hand. I got beat early on another table with my AJ vs this guy's AK. He shoved every other hand and mothefucker had to have a hand that beat me when I entered a pot with him. This hand happened almost immediately followed that hand. Not that it matters but this is the kind of shit I need to avoid if I want to take this thing seriously.

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