Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nov 18

Not a bad day. Up 5 buy in today.
Started off decent, then hit a 'they can see my cards' session. All good after that. Been kinda nitty today for some reason. Can't really say much about it, as long as it works.
Made a lot of crying calls today with overpairs. I think I played my overpairs kinda bad today.

Some hands from today:
Should have bet the turn, I know. River call was one of those 'I know I'm beat but fuck you I got aces' kinda call.
I'm sure the turn play is spewy at this level but it worked out. He wrote in chat that he didn't even see the flush when he called the river.

Can someone teach me how to fold a set?

Free Money:
Wanna learn how to play aces bad? Just learn from this guy.

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dayveed said...

the set of 9s over ur 4s was just brutal. It's the kind of shit that no poker player likes to see.