Monday, December 22, 2008


Holy crap I got lucky. Went out earlier to find a coffee shop with decent connection and hit a home run at the first place I stopped at. However, that's the only lucky part about my session today.

FWIW I ran hot against shorties today. But lost a couple of big pots against some idiots who were trying to give money away. Whatever, at least I'm up. 3500+ hands and up about 60 bucks. Was up to almost 150 at one point. The connection wasn't perfect but it's much better than what I got at home. It still got laggy for a little every now and then but I'll take it. Looks like this shop will get a lot of my business for the next few days while I'm here in JB.

Maybe I got better, or I just have been lucky, I haven't been running into too many tough situations lately. That's why I'm not posting too many hands. It's not that hard to recognize if I'm beat now that I've been playing against these nits all the time.

See you tomorrow. I'm going home.

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