Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm so pissed off now....

It's near the end of 08. 09 is gonna be big with all the plans I have with this poker thing (supernova, etc). And now I can't get an internet connection that's stable enough to play online? This is pissing me off big time. I'm sitting here looking at Stars client. The lobby doesn't even load! I can get to my cashier if I can wait for 5 minutes. Sometimes I see the lobby and open a table, it takes about 2 minutes to sit down at a table, if no one has taken the seat already. Once I sat down I'm usually sat out because I timed out. Holy fuck, this is bad.

I'm gonna try coffee shops now. Doubt it'll be any better but can't be worse I guess.

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Coded said...

What limits do you play?