Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dec 29

Had a pretty good session today. I think this is the most hands I played in one day ever. Ran kinda hot. I think this is the most I made in one day ever. Well, as good as that sounds, I'm not too happy with a lot of key hands I played today. This could have been easily a $500 day. Well, I'll take it of course.

Cleared the $650 bonus during the process. For some reason I received $320 from 'Admin credit'? I have no fucking idea what it was and I'm still waiting for a response from Stars support.

I'm pushing the total number of tables to 20 now. With 20 normal and high speed tables mixed together I can get 1k hands an hour easily. Last month I couldn't handle 14 mixed tables. Go figure. Anyway, at this rate, I should be able to get to supernova in a much faster pace than I thought. We'll see what happens from now on.

Holy shit, what the hell is going on at Stars? It's been one hour since I sent the email and they haven't responded yet!

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tim said...

that's great.good to hear you're liking it in malaysia.besides theres nothing you could do about it if you didn't!! looks like you're figuring this poker thing out. when you reach supernova status you should be able to live a semi-balla lifestyle over there.
keep up the good work in '09 hope to see you in the next two years after all this probation shit