Sunday, December 28, 2008

08 is almost over!!!!

It's hard to believe that another year is almost gone. I've been back here in Malaysia for a little over a year now. Honestly I don't know how I survived all those years without seeing my family much at all. There have been some good times and bad times since I've been back. Some set backs, some progress as well. Overall I'm pretty happy to be back home. I have to thank all my friends there who have been on my side supporting me throughout the years. Just being there means a lot to me and I can't say enough how much I appreciate our friendships.

In terms of poker, 08 has been good to me. I manage to survive all year by playing nl50. That's not bad when you think about it. Well, low standard of living certainly helps a lot I guess. I learn how to massively multi table. I wish I knew about this way earlier. Things would have been much better now I think. It's always nice to be able to make more with the same or even less amount of time. Efficiency is the key. The games are much tougher compared to a year or two ago but it's definitely beatable. If a dumbass like me can do it anyone can. My game has improved I think but there's plenty of room I can work with to make it even better.

My connection at home has improved tremendously. I've actually been able to play lagfree for the most part for a few days now. I'm one day away from clearing the $650 bonus and another day to get to platinum. Haven't played much holdem at all this month because of, well, I'm a lazy fuck. At least I run good in omaha. My friend Chucky is an omaha addict and I learn a lot from him by watching him play high stakes short handed plo. Ok, maybe not, whatever. Just feel like throwing out a shout out to Chucky. I made about 500 bucks in just a few hours lol. Certainly good to run great when you flop great hands and get actions all over the place. But I lost a couple of hundred back so I think I'm up about 300-350 this month from plo. It's a fun game but I can only handle FR action now in plo. 6m plo is gonna be too tricky for me. Gotta learn a bit more before I dabble in that. I've played quite a bit of razz, triple draw and badugi as well. Don't ask me what's with my fascination of low ball draw games. I just love playing them. I'm up maybe 150 on that too which is pretty good consider I never play higher than .50/1.

For holdem, my winrate this month is at 2.5BB or so. Not great, not bad. I actually tried to table select some nl100 and mix it up with my normal nl50 tables. Only played about 600 hands or so and lost about 1.5 bi lol. Overall I think the games are not bad at all. I think I'm gonna start playing nl50 with some good nl100 tables mixed in from now on.

I know I can handle 24 normal speed tables. That's about 1100 hands an hour (more if you don't take smoke breaks). But the high speed tables seem a little juicier to me. So lately I've been mixing it up with all kinds of different tables. I can play about 15 comfortably with maybe 6-7 high speed tables mixed in. I still get about 900 hands an hour so that's pretty much near my goal of 1k/hr. I don't know the day of 24 tabling all high speed table will ever happen to me but right now I'm just glad that there's more table for me to play with and table selection is a lot easier.

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. I've been having a nice relaxed holiday. I think this is longest ever that my whole family are together since I came back from the states. It's rare that both my sister and me are home in JB at the same time, let alone 5 days straight. Well, tomorrow both of us will go back to KL and get ready for the year to come. We'll be back end of January for Chineses new year of course.

Enough of this. I'll post my December stats and graph once it's over. Happy new year and be safe.

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