Monday, December 15, 2008

Useless crap

For those of you who are interested, here's a little bit of updates.

Haven't played much lately. A bunch of 1-2k hands sessions, that's it. Ran good, ran bad, played well, played bad, whatever. With 08 coming to an end, just feel like really fired up for 09 to get supernova at stars. Since nothing I do for the rest of the year will count towards anything I do next year anyway, I just don't have the motivation to really put in the work.

Just got the $650 bonus for 50k fpp. I'm gonna clear that, which should take about 25k hands or so. After that will just try out different setups, tweak a little bit to make it easier for grinding next year. I'm starting to mix in the high speed tables now. Tried it earlier with a mix of normal speed, high speed and pl tables. I get about 700-800 hands an hour with just 14 mixed tables. I can probably bump it up to 16 with no problem whatsoever. It does seem like the high speed tables are juicier. Vpip tend to be higher on those tables. Who knows, maybe one day i'll be able to handle 24 high speeds and that's 2k hands an hour!

Other than that, not much is going on. Went to a cousin's wedding. Had a christmas party last night, all my sister's friends. Flirted with this girl, but she has a boyfriend though. Who cares right?

Going back to JB sometime this week to spend a couple of weeks with family. Haven't been home in awhile now. Found some poker people in JB and we'll see how much I'll get hustled by them.


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