Wednesday, July 8, 2009

June 09, worst month ever.

June was bad. Ran bad and played bad the whole freaking month. I ditched my usual 14 table game for 24 table because I was trying to get enough fpp to get all the June instant bonus.

But total bottom line wasn't too bad though. I had about $2500 in June instant bonus alone. Since I had 2500 guaranteed I spend a lot of time watching videos and reading forums. Got Ed Miller's new book and I already read that twice. As far as my game is concerned, with coaching and all the extra work I'm putting in, I'm pretty sure I'm heading in the right direction. We'll see.

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jinxpay said...

talk too much...reading...blah blah blah - u still cant play WSOP (which u missed more than me) SOOOO whats the point. ha????