Sunday, August 2, 2009

1st post in a long freaking time

Sorry I haven't been updating this blog lately. There's nothing interesting happened lately and it seems boring to post just poker stuff. Although it can't be more boring than posting nothing at all.

July was great until the last few days. I don't think I've ever ran that bad in a 5k hands stretch. I made some changes to my game and at least in a short period of time I'm see some different result. My redline is a little under control now. I'm looser and not giving up as much as before. I'll make a post later about the differences in my game in terms of stats.

As you can see I'm way behind in all in EV this month. That happened almost all at the end of the month when I was on a 12 buy in down swing. My red line is no longer spiraling downward like before. I can still work on it at different areas. Especially 3bet pots. I don't think I'm near good enough to play efficiently in 3bet pots yet.

August goal:
1. Need about 110k hands to finally reach Supernova. I'm not sure if I'll make it but I'll play at least 100k hands this month.
2. Winrate of 3BB or more. My winrate was 5.6BB last month and it went down to 3.6BB in one day. And the subsequent few k hands after that didn't help much either. I don't think 3BB is that tough for me anymore so I'm hoping for 100k hands at 3BB. That's 3k in profit or more if I manage to get to Supernova. I'll have enough vpp to get the $800 instant bonus too if I hit it. August could potentially be a good month for me.
3. Watch one video a day! Omg that's like the hardest goal for me to do. I'm way behind on current videos and I need to re watch some of the old ones since I think I 'get' what they say so much more now. I also get 2 weeks free on Card Runners this month so I just downloaded a bunch of full ring videos and I'll concentrate on those for the next 2 weeks.
4. Spend at least 3 nights a week on Stox forum posting hands. I'm starting to have PM contacts with some of those guys out there and I'm learning a lot through posting and actually thinking about hands.

Wish me luck.

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