Monday, August 31, 2009

August 09

Ok, I'm giving up on August. It was a fine start but I kinda faded at the end. I now have 'afraid to get out-played syndrome' and I make too many bad calls. I need to just watch a couple of videos and go back to the basics. I play too many small hands for big pots and worst of all, I play being out of position too often. I kinda got away from the basics and I need to stop thinking these regulars are exploiting me. I still need to make money from fish mostly.

As for the goals I set for August I failed spectacularly in every single one of them except the winrate, which is not much better than the 3BB I set. I was hovering at 5BB or so the whole month until the last 15k hands or so. Blah, I'm so disappointed right now at myself and my results I just don't feel like I'm worthy of any kind of improvement. Why the fuck am I so fucking lazy????

I'm still at 86k+ vpp this year so far. Not even supernova yet lol. If I can somehow get to 200k vpp I'll get 6k in bonus alone. That means I need 114k vpp and at 0.2vpp/hand, I need to play 570k hands before the year is over. That's almost 150k a month. Ok, I'm not gonna make it. Nevermind that.