Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan 18

Basically, my session went like this yesterday. Lost total of about $180 in 3 pots, 2 to 2 outers, 1 to a 4 outer. Top set lost to bottom set. Two set over sets when I had the lower set. $80 all in preflop with AA against KK. How I ended up even, or up $40, whatever, I had no idea. Well, I can't say I had a bad day because after all that I still didn't lose. Weird thing is I'm not even tilted at all, not even a little. The last session was weird too. I seriously didn't win any big pots at all yet somehow I ended up winning almost 3 bi.

I'm still sick. Coughing a lot last night, couldn't even sleep. So I went to the same doctor again and got some pretty good drug. She said it'll help me sleep. So I came home from the clinic and started some tables and about 15 minutes into the session I took the meds that she gave me. After about 10 minutes I was like wtf is this shit? I didn't feel anything at all and wanted to take a little more of those meds. Thank god I didn't. In a few minutes that shit hit me so hard. I had a really hard time to finish up the session and as soon as I was done with it I was out cold. I mean I had the best 8 hours sleep ever. There could be a fire or earthquake and I'd still be sleeping. Maybe I need to play while I'm high from now on since I won some pretty ok moolah during that stretch.

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