Monday, January 12, 2009

Life after the 1st week.....

Well, we all knew the great run wouldn't last. I've only played about 12k hands after the first week. Well, life happens. Some friends were visiting and we went out around town for a couple of days and had some fun. I'll probably post some pics later after I received them.

Had a terrible weekend for my sports team though. Titans lost in the playoff. Liverpool only managed a draw against a weaker team. I'm starting to think that the teams I support will never win anything. Titans have probably the best chance they have since the Superbowl appearance and the year followed that. All is gone. Same thing with Liverpool. I know it's only the half way point of the season but I just know that Liverpool will choke. All the teams I support choke at one time or another even when they're having a great season. It's like a lifelong of getting sucked out. It's sad, depressing and it makes me mad why the teams I support never win. But then again maybe that's why I keep supporting them.

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