Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese new year, family time, fortune teller, etc.

I think I forget how to play poker now. It's been a long time since I last played a hand. Online i mean. I actually played in a home game last night with my bro and a bunch of friends. I'll tell the story later.

For those of you who don't know, It's Chinese new year now. Today's the 4th day of the new lunar year. I've been home for almost a week now and it's been fun and hectic. It's always nice to have my whole family together for more than a couple of days. I met some old friends from high school and saw a lot of uncles, cousins, etc, whom I haven't seen since my bro's wedding in 07. I'll try to post some pics if I can find them. I also took a video of dragon dance that took place at my house. I'll try to figure out how to post a video for you dumbass Americans who's never seen that stuff.

I got home last night after meeting some friends and was surprised to find out my bro was playing holdem with his friends. They play with $1 ante, no blinds, and spread limit $1-$10. I played for a couple of hours and won $360 lol. They'll call you down with A2o and spike an ace and 3bet your ass. I think I lost a lot of value on a couple of hands when I thought that there's no way I could have a best hand and they surprised me almost everytime. It was fun though. I'm definitely getting a set of chips for them and teach them how to 'properly' run a game.

Went to a fortune teller today. My sis in law swears that she's the best. Well, good news. Some girl will probably come after me this year. I'll most likely have a kid this year. And I'm gonna have a career year this year. cts, durr, ivey, etc please step aside.

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tim said...

sounds like you're off to a good start to 2009. don't have any fucking kids though!! jenn totaled her car. a cop pulled out in front of her. she has a fractured knee cap. can't walk without crutches.
she's o.k. otherwise,just a hassle.