Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pics from Luna Bar

Here are some pics as promised. Went to this bar in KL called Luna Bar. It's at the rooftop of a Hotel I think. Has probably the best view in town and it's right next to KL Tower. Probably the most fucking expensive place you can go to have fun. Cover is 50rm and that includes one drink. One beer costs 30rm. Insane prices. And for a place with that kinda decor and view, why play fucking techno music? It's too loud for a place that's supposed to be comfy with nice views. Well, the views are awesome. If the music were different then I think the experience could have been much better.

That's Chloe, one of the best friends I found since I came back to Malaysia.

KL Tower, right next to the building where Luna Bar is.

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