Saturday, February 21, 2009

Internet connection......

If you're thinking about moving to Malaysia to play poker full time because of it's relatively low living expenses, think twice before you make that decision.

Internet connection is horrible in this country. I'm sick and tired of looking for different solutions. All I want is a stable connection to play poker, that's all. I am no expert but why the fuck is it so hard to get that in this country?


dayveed said...


Tom said...

hey man, sucks about connection.

can you tell me how to export graphs and stats for HM so i can put them into my blog like you do?

cheers man

Tay said...

I just take a screen shot when I have HEM opened. Save the file and upload it to blogspot when you make a post. I'm sure there's some kind of tutorial telling you how to post pics in the help section of blogspot.
You can use imageshack or service like that as well if you want.