Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some updates, if anyone cares

Been back in JB for a few days now. We had a really nice celebration for my mom's 60th birthday. Huge amount of people showed up and we had some good food and good company. It was awesome.

While I was in KL, we (the poker gang) went to a Chinese new year dinner at la la Chong, a seafood restaurant in Subang. Food was good and company was awesome. It's good to have the whole gang together at one table and have a nice time just bullshitting each other. At the end I lost the credit card roulette along with David Wong. Screw you all. We're gonna go out again and play that stupid shit again.

Chinese new year is finally over, it seems. Today is the 15th day and I went to a really close family friend's house for some really nice food again. Played some majong, spent some time with a lot of uncles and auties who watched us grew up. I can't tell you enough how much I love Chinese new year. I also went to the oldest temple in JB after dinner with Chloe, Ms Quek and Chloe's mom to pray a little. A nice foot massage session followed that and now I'm finally home getting ready to sleep.

Well, for people in JB, Chinese new year is not really over until the big parade is over, which will happen on the 21th day of the first month of lunar calender. I'll try to find some links and show you how big a deal it is for people in JB.

It seems like the recurring theme for my blog lately has been good food and more good food. I'm gonna have to really watch what I eat from now on. I've splurged too much lately and it's not good for my weight loss plan.

Wait, I don't have a plan.

Well, it seems like the holiday festivities are coming to an end and life will go back to being normal soon. Hopefully that means I'll get in some playing time and start making some money. I'm way behind on my goal of getting to Supernova in 3 months. It's still doable but it's gonna take a huge amount of time for me to finish before March is over.

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