Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fuck this game

Something's is wrong lol. I don't know what it is, but something is definitely wrong. I ran so horribly bad today that I don't even expect to win anymore. I'm going through one of those shit that I've only heard of, but never experienced: The infamous downswing.

Don't get me wrong, I get those 10 buy in swing all the time. Well, once a month. That happens, I understand that. But this one is different. I'm doing something wrong I'm pretty sure. I just don't know what it is. It seems like every decisions I make were wrong. It seems like I'm getting exploited every time I play. It's about 60k hands break even now. That's the longest I've ever experienced. I gotta find out what's going on. I know I've been running kinda bad lately and it's fine. But I also feel like I'm getting too weak tight and running bad doesn't help. Every time you get those nut flush draw and want to push, but you think about how bad you run, you just call. Now THAT's bad.

I need to get out of this slump somehow. That house I want to buy is getting farther and farther away from me.


tom said...

take a few days to a week off, for the first few days dont think about poker, go out, get drunk do whatever, the next few after that go on a stox poker video marathon. take 1 more day off then start again the following day!

i haven't experienced a downswing of a sizable ammounts either but this is whati would be doing!!

good luck man, also check my blog out and comment if you like,


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