Thursday, March 19, 2009

Since the last update

Played a bunch of sessions after the last update. Could run better but whatever, it'd be too easy if I run good. Things are never easy.

I'm playing a lot so far this month, relatively speaking. I have played 65k hands so far at 2.68BB/100. If I can somehow get to 100k hands at 3BB I'll be really happy. I should be on pace for more than 100k hands so we'll see what I'll end up making this month. I wish I can play more than 16 tables and get in more hands to get the vpp up. I tend to play like a robot when I play more tables though so I guess I'll just stick to no more than 16 to work on my post flop game a little. I'm not as smart as most of you out there and it takes time for me to make decisions and playing 20+ is definitely not doing me any good for my game.

I'm so glad all my friends got out now. I'll be up there soon enough to hear the stories.

I'd like to post some hands but too lazy. Maybe next post after I finish my review for this session.