Wednesday, April 1, 2009


March was ok for me. The first 36k hands well hell lol. It got a lot better after that. Plus the $800 or so vpp value that's a total of about $3500. Tried to get it to get as close to 4k as possible and the end of the month didn't go too well.

I'm starting the prop bet with Eli today. No life ftw!!

If I can run only 2BB for the month and get the expected 200k hands this month this should be my best month ever as far as total money made is concerned. Hopefully I can crack 6k this month with vpp.


Tom said...

would it be fair to say that if 4 tabling i could potentially make more money than you do in terms of BB/100 given there is more focus? i couldn't imagine playing that many hands a month lol!!!

your doing awsome!! congrats so sick

Tay said...

Yeah. Playing more tables should lower the win rate a little. Massively multi tabling like I do makes sense when you're trying to maximize your hourly rate. It's at the expense of honing your game though. But if you're winning that's all that matters right?