Wednesday, April 29, 2009


After days of frustration with reimporting hands, computer broken down, shopping for parts for my new computer, reimport hands, etc, I finally have a poker ready computer!!!
It's a pretty sweet machine with most of the bells and whistlers that I wanted except a couple of things. I'm not gonna complain too much. Turned out that most vendors in JB don't keep much higher end stuff in stock. It was pretty surprising that I was able to put together a decent machine within couple of days. Now I got a 23" 1080p monitor that looks great. A pretty good running machine that's probably good enough to last me at least 2 years. HEM runs a lot faster. Hands are imported at twice the speed as it was on my laptop. I'm loving it.

The month is almost over. I'll put in a couple of more sessions and call it a month. Don't think I'll make the KL trip at the end of this week. We'll see.

Tomorrow night I'm going to dinner with an absolutely beautiful girl who's also one of my very best friends. Looking forward to it.