Friday, May 1, 2009


So here are the numbers to my April result. Nothing great. Just grind and grind and grind. I earned about 24k+ in vpp so that's another 1k or so.

As you already know, me and Eli canceled the prop. I pretty much stopped playing right after that lol. Not that I got lazy or anything. I have really good excuses this month. The HEM debacle and the laptop going crazy on me had a lot to do with why only 120k hands this month.

Now that I got my new computer up and running I will keep going at it and try to work on some part of my game this month. I'm gonna post the stats and graph on Stox stat analysis forum and see what Pokey will say about my numbers.

My May goal:
- 120k hands.
- No more than 20 tables.
- Need to work on certain part of my post flop games. Especially value betting.
- at least 15k hands at nl100, depends on my roll.

Note that I took a one hour 12 tables shot at nl100. Up 1.5 bi in 1 hour. Ship it! Watch out poker world, I'm the new Durr, call me Turr!!!