Monday, May 25, 2009


No, it's not the 2pac song I'm talking about here although i kinda like that song.

I did something I haven't done in awhile. I said yesterday that I depend too much on just a couple of people for my social needs. I started to do something to change that. I asked this friend out today. We had dinner and went on to a nice place to have a few drinks and I met more people. We had some nice conversation and good arguments and it was a good night.

It's amazing how this could be a big deal in my life. I never imagined myself to be so socially inept but hopefully things will change.

Something interesting happened. We were talking about friendship, relationship, marriage etc and this guy took out a rm10 bill and asked around the table 'I'll give you this rm10 bill if you give me a rm5 bill.' Most of us were just looking at him and wondering what he's up to. For whatever reason I took out a rm5 bill and switched with him. Maybe it's the poker player in me that decided that this is a +EV decision.

Then he said that most people, when confronted with that proposition, would start thinking 'what's the catch here? why would you do something like that? there's gotta be something else involved here.' And after you spend too much time trying to decide and think about the problem most likely by the time you decide to do it, someone else would surely have beaten you to the deal. What's the point of this little story? I guess next time when you see an opportunity, take it. Think fast, just fucking do it. Don't spend too much time thinking about the inconsequential shit. You see a girl you like? go for it. You see a shirt you like? fucking buy that shit. You feel like telling your mom you love her? just say it. Don't wait. You never know what's around the corner. Just fucking do it. And i made 5 bucks.

I also did something stupid for someone with suspected food poisoning. I ate sushi and drank beer. I am smart.


Tom said...

thats a great analogy mate :) im in the same kinda place as you atm, execpt your doing well with poker :)

i have never had issues with friends but since poker + girlfriend + work i find i have lost alot of mates and made no new ones.

it needs to change as im getting too comfortable while still feeling edgy knowing im feeling this way!

love ur updates, hopefully u have time to read mine sometimes too :)

ciao man.

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