Sunday, April 26, 2009


OMG the past 3 days have been hell for me. First of all, I updated to the latest version of HEM and had to spend a couple of days trying to reimport hands. This has to be done in order to take advantage of some new stats that's available now from HEM. Ok, that's fine, I'll put up with that just to get the latest update in the software. So 2 days later, after all the reimport of hands, the fucking software started acting up. It took like 5 minutes just to get the report for any particular month. It's so slow that I just couldn't put up with that shit anymore.

So I made some posts in HEM forum and waited for them to reply. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, my laptop just went crazy on me! Piece of shit crashes all the time and I get the dreaded blue screen of death now. I tried to reinstall windows and I couldn't even finish that shit. Looks like there's some kind of hardware problem which is probably the worst thing that could happen. Thank god I've been backing up like crazy and I'm not gonna lose too much data. Actually, none at all.

So now I'm trying to put a system together. Shit is gonna cost me an arm and a leg. I'm really not looking forward to paying for this shit.

Well, at least there's some not so bad news. I got my result back for my medical checkup and there's nothing out of the ordinary. I don't have AIDS thank god. My cholesterol could be better but not too far out of the norm. The only thing is I have no antibody for both Hep A and B so I just spent some money and took those shots.

There's some exciting news from David. He's giving away free shirts!!! I'll make a new post about that.